Thanksgiving FAQ

When will you stop taking orders for Thanksgiving pies?
Orders end on Wednesday, 11/23. Get ‘em in sooner than later!
Where can I pick up my pie?
Every Sunday, we set up shop at the Larchmont Farmers Market from 8:30-2:00pm. Come on by!
Are you offering a special Thanksgiving pie?
Two kinds! We’ve got a Praline Sweet Potato pie, and a Praline Apple pie for a limited time.
Do you ship?
We do not ship.
Have your pies been frozen?
Never! That said, if you’ve got some left over and want to freeze it, feel free. Let it sit at room temperature for about an hour after and you’re good to cut a new slice.
I want to pick up my pie. How can I go about that? Sure! Email us your pie choice, quanity, and location where you would like to pick up your pie. We’ll send you an invoice and once the payment is made, you will receive a receipt. Next up, meet us at the location of your choice during the specified time. That easy!
Where are your pickup locations?

Sunday, November 20th 2016, 9 - 2pm.
Larchmont Farmers Market - 209 N Larchmont Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90004.

Friday, November 19th 2016, 9 - 1pm.
Philz Coffee - 6430 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028

Tuesday, November 22nd 2016, 5 - 8pm.
West Elm (Santa Monica) 1433 4th St, Santa Monica, CA 90401.

Tuesday November 22nd, 12 - 4pm.
West Elm (Hollywood) 8366 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048.

Wednesday, November 23rd 2016, 11-2pm.
Philz Coffee, 6430 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028.

Wednesday, November 23rd 2016, 8 - 10am.
Salt & Straw 240 N Larchmont Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90004

Pies FAQ

I’d like to pick up my pie. Where can I get it?
Every Sunday, we set up shop at the Larchmont Farmers Market from 8:30-2:00pm. Come on by!
What does pie delivery cost?
To get a pie to your door, we charge $2 per mile.
How far can you deliver pies?
Our pies are delivered within a 14 mile radius from Larchmont Farmers Market.
What’s the minimum quantity you can have delivered?
1 pie. Sorry, we can’t just send you a slice.
I need a pie soon! How far ahead should I order?
We require 2 business days to fulfill all pie delivery or pick up orders.
Need a pie for an office party, wedding, or birthday party? Great! We can do that. Let’s chat:
I want to cancel my order. Is there a charge?
Sorry to hear you’re cancelling. There’s no charge if you cancel at least 48 hours before your scheduled delivery. If you have to cancel within the 48 hours, we charge a $10 cancellation fee.


How does DEUVO ship its product?
We ship our pralines with the USPS and UPS. They’re sweetest with our sweets.
How much does DEUVO charge for shipping?
We’re happy to inform you and your taste buds that our US shipping is completely free of charge. Although, from May 1st – October 31 st we will require 2-day shipping, and a slight additional fee. We can’t have our pralines caught in summer’s warmth too long.
How are the pralines made?
Each and every DEUVO treat is made by hand with only pure and fresh ingredients.
How long does it take for delivery?
Given our homespun, hand-made process, orders ship within three to five business days of a placed order. To ensure your treats are received in the best condition, we ship Monday through Wednesday. It’s critical to DEUVO that your order isn’t delayed in transit.
Can DEUVO’s product remain fresh during delivery in warm weather months?
Insulation really matters when it matters. Between May 1st – Oct 31st, in order to ensure your product is received in the best condition upon arrival, orders will be packed with insulation materials and reusable ice packs. During this time, we’ll require an extra charge for expedited, 2-day shipping. We’d like every sweet to make it safely!
Does DEUVO have a return policy? Rethinking your sweet tooth? If you’re unhappy with your order for any reason, please contact us directly. We’ll correct the issue as swift and sweetly as possible. Please send an email to
How best can I store and preserve my DEUVO purchase?
We recommend that you keep your order in an airtight container or sealed bag, then place it in a cool and dry spot. In regards to shelf life, DEUVO treats will remain fresh for up to two months! 
Where and when can I sample DEUVO’s product line?
DEUVO is a happy guest at a number of events all year. We offer samples and take-aways for any fellow guests to share with friends or family. Say hey on our Facebook page (hyper link:, Twitter account (hyperlink: or just send a direct email to!
Does DEUVO do customized or special event candy assortments? We do! Please send us a direct inquiry at and we’ll discuss DEUVO’s options in special collections.